Have a car you want to sell? You can sell to a dealership such as ours at Nielsen Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, without having to buy from us. It's a process that anyone is able to utilize on our website and at our location, and we're here to explain it and help you through the process so you can get started with us!

Using the same free car value estimate tool on our website, you can get a better idea for your vehicle's remaining worth as you enter the important information needed. It will go through a pricing guide which considers many different factors including the local areas and pricing of East Hanover, Livingston and West Orange. You'll be able to take the estimated price range of your vehicle, and bring that offer to our dealership. We'll then do an inspection to verify its status, plus give you an offer. If you decide it's within what you were expecting to get, we'll finalize the process and get you your money for your car. This can happen all within a day if everything is able to get squared away.

The ability to sell your car to us makes it easier for drivers. Instead of having to make your own listings a field calls about your vehicle from all sorts of people, you can bring it to us, we'll give you an appraised value and you can sell it. You can also trade it in for a new or used option here, but you're under no obligation to do that. You can decide to go in any direction you choose, and use this free service we offer.

To get started, contact us and we'd be happy to provide more details for you!

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